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Endocrine system

Robert Lewis

To assist students in the learning of ITEC LEVEL 3 Syllabus. Anatomy, Physiology

menopause third phase of the menstrual cycle
posterior part of the immune system
thymus controls body rhythms
pituitary oxytocin produced in this lobe of the pituitary gland
interstitialcellstimulatinghormone stops the menstrual cycle
chemicalmessenger maintains calcium level in plasma
addisonsdisease maturity of internal reproductive organs
neck hyposecretion of adrenocorticoids
menstrual luteinising hormone in men
pinalbody climacteric
hypersecretion too much testosterone in females leads to this
cushingssyndrome Female egg
pancreas regulates final height and growth
virilism controls the thyroid gland
ova too much hormone!
adrenalmedulla The conductor of the orchestra
adrenaline absence of menstruation
pregnancy metabolises carbohydrates, fats and proteins
circulatory gonad/sex organ hormones
amenorrhoea first phase of the menstrual cycle
menarche definition of a hormone
humangrowthhormone hypersecretion of adrenocorticoids
gonadotrophins secretes insulin and glucagon
glucocorticoids prepares the body for fight of flight!
thyrotrophin supports the sympathetic nervous system
parathormone Inability of the pancreas to produce insulin
ductless position of the thyroid glands
secretory responsible for production of milk during lactation
prolactin Start of menstruation for the first time
puberty Having no seperate canal or tubes as transport method
diabetesmillitus hormones are secreted and carried through this system

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