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Vitreous muscles surround the eyeball in the skull.
Blindness The colored circular membrane in the eye just behind the cornea is called the ___________________
Farsightedness Every time we blink, our eyelids spread a layer of moisture over the __________
Conjunctiva The eye's __________ sits just behind the iris.
Lens occurs when the incoming image is not focused on the retina, but behind it.
Choroid The space in the center of the eyeball is filled with a clear jelly-like material called the _________________
Cornea the outermost protective layer.
Aqueoushumor infection of one of the follicles from which the eyelashes grow.
Extraocular there's a problem with the curve of the cornea. This causes part of the eye's image to be blurry.
Retina This is the loss of useful sight.
Lacrimal sac After they've done their job moistening the eyes, the tears flow into canals in the eyelids, which drain into the __________________
Pupil The eyeball sits in the eye socket (also called the ________)
Macula usually caused by problems in the pigments of the cones in the retina. Most people who are _______________ can see some colors.
Astigmatism occurs when the eye focuses the image of an object in front of the retina instead of directly on it.
Colorblind middle layer that contains blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to the retina.
Iris The retina then sends nerve signals through the back of the eye to the _____________
Conjunctivitis contains the muscular structure in the eye that changes the shape of the eye's lens.
Sclera The iris controls the amount of light entering the eye through the _____________________
Ciliarybody ____________ glands in the upper outer corner of each eye socket produce tears.
Nearsightedness small, specialized area on the retina. The ___________ helps our eyes see fine details when we look directly at an object.
Lacrimal refers to inflammation (redness, pain, and swelling) of the conjunctiva.
Sty clear mucous membrane that protects the eye from becoming dry
Opticnerve innermost of the three layers, lines the inside of the eyeball.
Orbit Behind the cornea is a watery fluid called the ______________

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