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1st Semester Human Anatomy

Sarah Rachel Finke

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Lymphatic Directional term that means closer to front
Lateral The system that includes nerves
Skeletal The system that includes your bladder
Lysosomes The System that protects tissue
Excretion Directional term that means closer to head
Reproductive everything is balanced
Integumentary protein synthesis
Inferior Directional term that means further from point of origin
Muscular Directional term that means closer to feet
Superior The System that includes Muscles
Respritory Directional term that means closer to back
Posteror The System that controls body activity
Endocrine The system that carries oxygen from tissue cell
Urinary The system that includes your lymp. vessels and nodes
Deep The system that includes your anus
Nucleus Directional term that means off to one side
Superficial Largest organ of body
Cytosol stores ATP
Medial The system that includes bones
Cardiovascular The system that includes your lungs.
Cell Membrane Directional term that means along mid-line of body
Golgi Apparatus Directional term that means closer to point of origin
Mitocondria packages and distributes
Ribosomes determines what goes in and out of cell
Proximal Directional term that means closer to surface
Digestive One of the necessary life function that deals with urinary system
Skin The system that includes your Vagina
Distal houses DNA
Nervous contains digestive enzymes
Anterior liquid part of cell
homeostatious Directional term that means closer to center of the body

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