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The Human Eye

A crossword puzzle all about the eye...

pinkeye membrane containing nourishing blood vessels
constriction a condition when rods and cones degenerate with age (2w)
vitreoushumour the fluid filling the posterior chamber of the eye (2w)
optometrist muscle that controls the amount of light entering the eye
eyelashes a condition where internal pressure damages the optic nerve
dilation membrane at the back of the eye containing the rods and cones
cornea an opening that allows light to enter the inner eye
stye helps to keep dust out of the eye (pl.)
lens a clouding of lens due to age
aqueoushumour conjunctivitis
cataract the fluid filling the anterior chamber of the eye (2w)
sclera a specialist who prescribes glasses
maculardegeneration a condition when the cornea is misshaped
glaucoma muscles that move the eyes in all directions (pl, 2w)
retina name of the specialized light receptors of the retina (pl.)
occulomotormuscles tough white outer membrane
choroid when the pupil is very narrow to allow minimum light in
rods an infection of the sebaceous glands of the eyelid
iris a doctor to consult for an eye condition
astigmatism when the pupil is wide open to allow maximum light in
pupil transparent, front part of the eyeball that bends light
cones changes shape so the eye can focus on objects near and far
opthamologist name of the specialized colour receptors of the retina (pl.)

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