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Knee Anatomy

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Bursa Intra-articular knee ligament that prevents posterior movement of the tibia
Joint Capsule The shin bone
Quadriceps A fluid filled sac that minimizes friction between a tendon and a bone
Tibia Structure that attaches the patella to the tibial tuberosity
Anterior Cruciate The patella is an example of this; a small round bone nside of a tendon
Tensor Fascia Lata Quadricep muscle that lies underneath the rectus femoris
Rectus Femoris Quadriceps muscle that is the most medial
Vastus Medialis The thigh bone
Femur Bump on the tibia where the patellar tendon inserts
Condyle Movement of the heel to the buttocks is knee ___________________
Varus Within a joint
Posterior Cruciate Knee cap
Tibial tuberosity Soft tissue that surrounds the entire knee
Gastroc This stress moves the knee laterally, injuring the LCL
Intra-articular Quadriceps muscle that moves both the hip and the knee
Biceps Femoris This stress moves the knee medially, injuring the MCL
Medial Condyle Ligament of the knee that prevents varus stress
Meniscus Cartilage in the knee that acts as a shock absober
Extra-articular Onef of the hamstring muscles that lie medial
Extension Intra-articular knee ligament that prevents anterior movement of the tibia
Hamstrings Group of muscles that perform knee extension
Patellar Tendon Outside of a joint
Semimembranosis Muscle that is attached to the IT Band proximally
Vastus Intermedius Ligament of the knee that prevents valgus stress
Flexion Quadricep muscle that is the most lateral
Medial Collateral The round ends at the distal femur
Semitendinosis Hamstring muscle that lies on top of the semimembranosis
Sesmoid When kicking a soccer ball, the knee moves into ____________________
Patella The MCL attaches from the ____________ _____________ of the femur to the medial tibia
Vastus Lateralis This connective tissue adds to the lateral support of the knee
Iliotibial Band Group of muscles that perfrom knee extension
Lateral Collateral This calf muscle also performs knee flexion
Valgus Hamstring muscle that lies laterally

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