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muscular system

Mrs. VH1

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autorhythmic decrease in size of muscle fibers
protraction smooth muscles constrict the walls of _____ organs
contract cytoplasm inside the muscle fiber
endomysium skeletal muscles make up this percent of body weight
shivering disks found in cardiac muscle
fascia speaking, typing, expressions
intercalated surrounds a bundle of muscle fibers (fasciculi)
sarcomere skeletal muscles maintain this, which allows us to sit up straight
conscious muscles of respiration are found here
retraction respond to a stimulus
anaerobic smaller band in middle of A band, consists of only H zone
iband most efficient way to produce heat
hollow extends length of myosin
excitability proteins in the myofibrils
actin highly organized contractile unit
thorax surrounds the muscle fiber
shorten contract spontaneously at regular intervals
hzone another word for contraction
atrophy type of respiration that doesn't use oxygen
myofibril move body part superiorly
forty move body part inferiorly
endocrine move soles to the midline
epimysium can recoil to original resting length after being stretched
myosin type of neurons that stimulate muscles to contract
sarcolemma plasma membrane of the muscle fiber
spindle move body part posteriorly
elasticity increase in size of muscle fibers
motor muscles will lengthen ____ after they forcefully contract
perimysium skeletal muscles are under this type of control
communication thick myofilaments
mline move body part anteriorly
fasciculus standing on your tiptoes
depression connective tissue that surrounds the body or individual muscles or groups
plantarflexion place within sacromere where actin attaches
inversion a bundle of muscle fibers
zdisk move body part back to midline
flexion can be stretched to normal resting point and beyond
adduction system that controls smooth and cardiac muscle
tone threadlike structure made of myofilaments
abduction more body part laterally
extensibility move soles laterally
myofilaments dark band in middle of H-zone
aband muscle type with the most variety
passively includes zdisk, consists of only actin
aerobic smooth muscle cells have this shape
blood thin myofilaments
sarcoplasm surrounds the many fasciculi (entire muscle)
elevation skeletal muscles release heat when they do this
extension respiration that required oxygen
smooth increase angle at joint
hypertrophy cardiac muscle propels this fluid
eversion decrease angle at joint

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