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Musculoskeletal System

J. Wiseman

No description

rotation muscle weakness
muscle -physis
ilium turning around its own axis
compact cost/o
dystrophy ili/o
ortho bone cell
break short for rheumatoid arthritis
scoliosis movement in which a limb is bent
bone abnormal curve of the spine
fracture my/o
movement jaw bone
osteomalacia kinesi/o
tendinitis breastbone
rib without development
arthritis oste/o
tendon inflammation of the tendon
calcaneus abnormal development
joint wrist bone
myasthenia muscles of the heart
maxilla knee bone
atrophy artificial substitute for a missing body part
sternum incision of the skull
ra arthr/o
between pertaining to between the ribs
carpalbones abnormal loss of bone density
growth growing together
osteocyte softening of the bone
cardiac inter-
craniotomy collarbone
symphysis connective tissue that attaches bone to bone
flexion broken bone
prosthesis -clasia
osteoporosis inflammation of the joint
clavicle dense, hard layer of bone tissue
intercostal heel bone
patella short for orthopedic

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