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Nerves of the Lower Limb

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DeepPeroneal Which nerve innervates the 1st dorsal webspace? (4,8)
Afferent This nerve originates from sciatic nerve decends through the popliteal fossa before winding round the lateral neck of fibula (6, 8)
Femoral Nerve arising from the posterior dividions of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th lumbar plexus (7)
SuralNerve Nerve entering the leg deep to the hamstrings (7)
Sciatic Branch of the common peroneal nerve that innervates the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dorsal webspaces (11, 8)
MedialCalcaneal What test/sign would we look for to determine superior gluteal dysfunction? (13)
Femoral Which nerve gives rise to the common peroneal and tibial nerves? (7)
CommonPeroneal Branch of the tibial nerve, arises deep to the flexor retinaculum feeds the proximal plantar area of the foot (6,9)
Sural The Quadraceps are innervated by this nerve (7)
Obturator Which nerve innervates Adductor Longus? (9)
SuperiorGluteal A patient cannot dorsiflex their foot against your hand.Which nerve is likely to be affected? (4, 8)
medialplantar Which nerve innervates the first 3.5 nail beds? (6, 7)
Sciatic Sural and Saphenous nerves can be described as what type of nerves? (8)
Saphenous Gluteus minimus and medius are innervated by which nerve? (8,7)
SuperficialPeroneal Inferior Gluteal nerve innervates this muscle (7, 7)
Tibial Which nerve innervates half of the 4th and all of the 5th nail bed? (7, 7)
LateralPlantar What innervates the lateral longitudinal arch (5, 5)
GluteusMaximus Which nerve is a sensory branch of the tibial nerve? (5)
DeepPeroneal Which nerve arises the sciatic nerve and innervates the posterior calf muscles? (6)
Trendelenberg Which sensory nerve innervates the medial longitudinal arch? (9)

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