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Nervous System

Mr. Murray

No description

Central Nervous System Provide insulating layers of myelin
Nerves receives electrochemical messages
nodes of ranvier Carrys impulses from the central nervous system to responsives structures called what?
dura mater Connects the CNS to the rest of the body
Resting Potential have two process arising from the cell body
Schwann cells the potential difference between the region inside the membrane
Myelin This carries nerve impulses from peripheral body parts into the brain or spinal cord.
excitatory These transmit information in the form of electrochemical changes
Effectors masses of nerve cells
Peripheral Nervous System increases the chance that nerve impulse will occur
Dendrites The fatty lipoprotein
Action potential Found in the PNS and surround
inhibitory Motor functions that can be consciously controlled comprise what system
Oligodendrocytes Found between neurons and blood vessels
Somatic Nervous System bundles of axons
Sensory neurons Consisting of the brain
Neurons Narrow gaps between the schwann cells
Neurilemma Produce myelin in the PNS
Synapse lessens the chance that a nerve impulse will occur
Astrocytes This system controls involuntary effectors
Bipolar neurons rapid sequence of depolarization
Nerve Impulses the junction between two communicating neurons
Autonomic Nervous System outer most layer of the meninges

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