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Parts of the Ear

Amanda Mazzurco

A fun way to learn the Anatomy of the ear!!

External Auditory Meatus Light reflex on tympanic membrane.
Incus Houses the vestibulocochlear (VIII) and facial (VII) nerves.
Bony Labyrinth Ring-shaped groove in the temporal bone
Helicotrema Closest to external auditory meatus.
Scala Tympani Muscle located within the posterior wall of the tympanic cavity.
Pars Tensa Contains organs of balance.
Internal Auditory Canal Contains the organ of hearing.
Perilymph Another name for the Ossicular Chain.
Pinna A narrowing about 4mm from the tympanic membrane.
Triangular Fossa Triangle-shaped indentation.
Modiolus Bony wall also separates this from the cochlea duct.
Chorda Tympani Curves around the outside edge of the pinna.
Malleus Spiral corkscrew-shaped bony shelf.
Concha Loose (flaccid)
Otoscope AKA Cochlea Duct.
Cone Of Light A tiny interruption in the tympanic sulcus.
Cymba Concha Bony wall separates this from the cochlea duct.
Stria Vascularis Second ring of catilage.
Attic Structure that extends out from the side of the head.
Tegmen Tympani A small chamber within the mastoid portion of the temporal bone.
Tympanic Cavity Lowest part of the pinna, composed of skin and fat.
Semicircular Canals An air filled cavity
Antihelix Widest coil of the spiral in the cochlea.
Stapes Stretched (taut)
Membranous labyrinth Another name for Epitympanum.
Spiral Limbus Crescent-shaped inferior portion of the middle ear cavity.
Tympanosclerosis White cloud-like patches on the ear drum.
Manubrium Upper part of the concha that curves up.
Osseous A narrow boney passage-way.
Pars Flaccida Scala tympani and scala vestibuli are connected by this narrow passage.
Tragus Connects middle ear cavity to the nasopharyngeal cavity.
Auricular Tubercle Located withing the petrous portion of the human temporal bone.
Vestibule The "Hammer:
Tensor Tympani Muscle Also contains the organs of balance.
Base Branch of the facial nerve.
Scaphoid Fossa The "Stirrup", smallest bone in the body.
Tympanic Sulcus Narrowest end of the spiral.
Lobule Noteable projection at the bottom of the pinnna.
Cavum Concha Withing the cochlea, a central core of bone.
Spiral Lamina Opening of ear canal.
Mesotympanum Bump of extra tissue along the edge of the helix.
Isthmus Muscle located within the anterior wall of the middle ear.
Hypotympanum The two longer sides of the triangle are created by this.
Scala Media The Jaw Joint.
Temporomandibular Joint Attaches to the cone of the tympanic membrane.
Stapedius Muscle Ring-shaped ligament
Scala Vestibuli Ear Wax.
Ossicles Organ of hearing.
Notch of Rivinus The "Anvil"
Antrum Bowl shaped depression.
Apex Does not contain a layer of cartilage, boney portion of ear canal.
Organ of Corti Groove underneath the curve of the helix.
Reissner's Membrane Vestibule and the semicircular canals are filled with this.
Helix Superior wall of the tympanum.
Cochlea Instrument used to look into the ear.
Cerumen Middle portion of the tympanic cavity where portions of ossicular chain are located.
Eustachian Tube Named after Ernst Reissner (1824-1875).
Basilar Membrane On the outside of of the Scala Media.
Annulus Located within the boney labyrinth and it follows all the curves and coils.
Aditus Ad Antrum Sits on top of the spiral lamina.

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