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External Parts of a Shark

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Cloaca (Female) Ellimintation of urian only
Dorsal fin Exit for digestive urinary and reproductive systems.
Labia pouch and groove Side of mouth, allows shark to open and extend jaws and retract.
Fin Spine Tearing and grasping food. (rows)
Clasper Protection of the dorsal fins.
Lateral Line Canal Modified gill slit, intake of water while eating
Placoid Scales on the back, Stability and Balance
Ampullae of Lorenzini Allows sounds in for hearing
Spiracles Male part, Grasps onto female while mating.
Endolymphatic pores Steering and balance
Urinary Papilla Both sides of shark, movement and vibration in the water
External nares In snout on ventral side, used for smelling.
Caudal fin End two diffrent lobes pulpulation and movement
Pectoral and Pelvic fins 5 o'clock shadow, on ventral side of head. Detects electrical impulses.
Teeth (Male) Elimination of urian and sperm
Urogenital papilla Protection, found throught the body of the shark

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