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Anatomy of a Horse

Denise Smith

This puzzle will help solidify the parts of a horse to help 4-H members learn the parts of a horse.

Croup Area of the horse where the saddle sits
Gaskin Just below the ankle
Hoof Just behind the elbows and withers
Chest Joint between the first and second plalanx of each leg
Ergot Upper part of the neck
Coronet Contains the nostril and lips
Loin Just below the cannon
Ear Hindleg joint between tibia and cannon bone
Knee Top of the horse between the ears
Abdomen Lies just below the withers
Ankle Upper inner thigh
Neck Always attentive to what is around them
Shoulder The muscular part of the hind leg above the hock
Fetlock Front part of the horse
Back Positioned just behind the back
Poll A small bone in the horse's hoof
Barrel Part of the back just in front of the base of the tail
Hock Often patted by its rider to love
Jaw The fleshsoft portion of the horse's heel
Pastern The horses leg bends in this area to walk
Girth Area where air enters the body
Hock If the shoe fits
Nostril Place where the riders legs rest while riding
Frog underneath the horse
Muzzle Moves as the horse eats
Stifle A horney growth behind the fetlock joint
Coffin Lies just above the hoof
Bulbs Just below the gaskin
Crest The v-shaped growth on the sole of a horse's hoof

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