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All About Animals

Annie Malls

This crossword puzzle is about all different kinds of animals. Learn all you can about animals.

Unicorn Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants; invertebrates; five arms; pink color
Alligator group of them are called Prides; female is called Lioness; mane around the neck
Elephants only female stings; don't die after stinging; a kind of bee
Jellyfish squeals and oinks; pink color; pink curly tail
Mouse we eat it for thanksgiving; famous bird; unable to fly
Turkey cottontail; white round tail; gray to brown; large ears, hind feet, fluffy tail
Dog extremely tough skin and an armored back protected by green bony plates called scutes
Newt have hooves; walk, trot, and gallop; babies are foals
Butterfly has one horn; not a real animal; legendary creature; like a horse
Octopus meows; good at climbing, bad at getting down; likes scratching posts
Fox types of this animal are red, gray, and arctic; baby referred to as a 'kit'
Vulture don’t have a brain, heart, bones or eyes; live in ocean; can sting you
Yak very long neck to reach leaves; brown spots; can't make sounds
X - ray fish like eating hard bread and cheese; small animal; gray with pink tail
Cat largest animals that live on land; two tusks; gray color
Quail swift, wild, horselike African animal; white and black stripes
Kangaroo jumps; baby is a joey; has a pouch to carry baby
Wasp kind of bird; unlike most birds, it does not build nests; sense of smell helps them find dinner
Horse barks; pack animals; direct desendants of wolves
Giraffe given as a nickname to skeletal remains of fish; fish with bones; see through fish
Starfish 8 arms; has suction cups; live in ocean; release cloud of black ink
Rabbit birds related to the partridge and pheasant; lay eggs; popular hunting bird; has crests
Pig a caterpillar becomes this animal
Zebra a wild, shaggy-haired ox; used as work animal; raised for meat and milk
Lion Any of several small, slender, often brightly colored salamanders; baby frog
Iguana green color; green and scaly skin; this is a reptile

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