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TRICERATOPS A duck-billed dinosaur with a long, hollow crest on its head
CENTROSAURUS A horned dinosaur with a spiked head frill
PROTOCERATOPS A North American duck-billed dinosaur (or hadrosaur)
PARASAUROLOPHUS Probably actually the first bird, but with some dinosaur-like body parts
DROMAEOSAURUS A crested, duck-billed dinosaur
ARCHAEOPTERYX A large-eyed, large-brained carnivore
APATOSAURUS A long-frilled dinosaur with horns
STYRACOSAURUS A large herbivore that lived in many parts of the world
SAURORNITHOIDES A carnivore with powerful jaws and a large, sharp claw on each back foot
TROODON The last of the armoured dinosaurs, it was also the largest
IGUANODON A fast-running predator
EUOPLOCEPHALUS A large sail-backed herbivore found in North Africa
OURANOSAURUS A long-necked, giant dinosaur
STRUTHIOMIMUS One of the armoured dinosaurs - an ankylosaur
CORYTHOSAURUS A short-frilled, horned dinosaur
STEGOSAURUS A fast dinosaur that looked like an ostrich
EDMONTOSAURUS An early Mongolian horned dinosaur
CHASMOSAURUS A plated dinosaur which may have had an unusual way of controlling its temperature
HYPSILOPHODON A small bipedal herbivore found in Spain and England
ANKYLOSAURUS A three-horned herbivore

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