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Dog Breeds

V. Salcedo

Crossword puzzle listing dog breeds

Saint Bernard Breed covered with wrinkles
Rhodesian Ridgeback fur grows in 'dreadlocks'
Chow Chow famous symbol for 'Hush Puppies' Shoes
Lhasa Apso "little lion" dog whose name could sound bad
Bichon Frise bred to retrieve fishing nets in Canada
Old English Sheepdog name means 'badger hound' in German
Standard Poodle long haired breed from Afghanistan
Puli bracheocephalic lap dog
Siberian Husky This little white dog looks like a powder puff
Shar-Pei it's name means 'monkey terrier' in German
Shih Tsu Eskimo dog
Dalmatian Lassie is one of this breed
Newfoundland Hungarian pointer, some say it is an ancient breed, some argue that it is new
Cairn Terrier most popular pet in United States
German Shepherd used to be a hunting dog, now a long-haired pampered pet
Scottish Terrier this dog played 'Toto' in The Wizard of Oz
Whippet often wins 'most ugly dog' contests
Vizsla Fast running sight hound
Labrador fox hound that hunts in packs. Snoopy is one.
Affenpinscher used as a guard dog
Great Dane curly haired breed fond of water
Pug herding dog famous for it's brains on either side of the 'border'
Dachshund African dog that does not bark
Boxer barge dog from Holland
Doberman Herding breed from Hungary known for it's corded coat
Irish Setter 'Yo Quero Taco Bell' dog
Cocker Spaniel Large Swiss dog that lives in the Alps
Malamute little black dog with a boxy head
Irish Wolfhound large guard dog, but not 'rotten' at all
Border Collie strongest jaws in the canine world, could take down a 'bull'
Pit Bull Part of Aztec culture, it's name is pronounced (show-low-eats-kweent-lee)
Beagle you never see this breed's eyes
Pekinese Only dog breed originating in South Africa, bred to hunt lions
Mastiff huge animal bred to hunt bears and wild boar
Basset Hound originally from Peking, China
Xoloitzcuintli smaller breed of dog that looks like a dust mop if you don't trim it's fur
Golden Retriever extremely energetic breed of Terrier
Bloodhound Gov. Sibley brought the first one of this breed to Minnesota in the 1840s
Afghan Hound: Breed named for it's butterfly like ears
Chihuahua one hundred and one of these were in a movie
Greyhound Used for racing
Jack Russell Terrier This dog can find an escaped prisoner by tracking their scent
Bernese Mountain Dog Scooby Doo is one of this breed
Yorkshire Terrier sled dog
Collie The Queen of England owns lots of these short, stumpy dogs
Basenji trained to rescue swimmers in North Atlantic
Welsh Corgi used in police work
Papillon a breed that likes to play by using it's front paws
Schipperke This breed has a black tongue
Komondor Bred in the mid 19th century in the north of England to kill rats in coal mines
Chinese Crested famous for wearing a cask around it's neck
Rottweiler Red, long haired dog

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