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Keith Clarke

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twenty Orcas and Bottlenose Dolphins both eat fish and _____.
pink Amazon River Dolphins can be ____.
echolocation What is the scientific name of the Killer Whale?
thirty What do dolphins use to "see"?
seapigs How many pounds of fish can an Amazon River Dolphin eat every day?
orcinusorca Harbor Porpoises are called ___ ____ because they make so much noise.
thirtyfive Killer Whales can jump ______ feet into the air.
fifteen Groups are of Killer Whales are called ____
ten What is the of the leader of a group of Long-Finned Pilot Whale called?
pilot How many years can a dolphin live for?
squid How many years can a Killer Whales live for?
pods How many minutes can a Bottlenose Dolphin hold its breath for?

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