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Famous Pets


Famous pets of fact and fiction--throughout the ages

Bonkers FLINTSTONE's dynamic pet
Socks Hermione Granger's cat (HARRY POTTER)
Schotzie Charlie Brown owns him (or is it the othe way around?)
Trevor avator and spiritual leader Meher Baba's pooch
Astro Psychic Siamese duo who help Qwilleran solve mysteries in THE CAT WHO... series
Krypto Dorothy met the Wizard with this doggie
Zero The "man in the yellow hat" didn't have a name, but his pet did
Bruno Voldermort's reptilian friend (HARRY POTTER)
Figaro Filtch's feline friend in the HARRY POTTER series
Argos Kitty Foreman's dachsund on THE '70s SHOW
Nana Superman's pup
Cheeta THE LITTLE RASCALS' pit bull
Pluto Jon and especially, GARFIELD's, pooch
Cerberus Alice's real life feline who never gets to Wonderland
Dinah Dumbledore's phoenix (HARRY POTTER)
Hedwig Sirius Black's hippograph (HARRY POTTER)
Sandy Comic strip Bumpstead family dog
Einstein this Bradys' pup was an important part of their "bunch"
Milly Roy Rogers' horse--he loved him so much he had him "stuffed" after death
Buck Nancy Drew's terrier
Dino Jack Skellington's ghostly pup in NIGHTMAS BEFORE CHRISTMAS
Odie the Obama's new puppy
Happy Harry Potter's owl
Tiger Odysseus's faithful hound in THE ODYSSEY
Koko and Yum Yum George Washington's big bird
Snoopy Tarzan's simian vine swinger
Fawkes George and Barbara Bush's spaniel who wrote a book
Trigger Giapetto's cat (PINOCCHIO)
Daisy Winston Churchill's cat (one of them)
Margate Mia's spoiled cat in THE PRINCESS DIARIES
Petey appropriate name for a canine in SEVENTH HEAVEN
Curious George appropriate name for Doc Brown's dog in BACK TO THE FUTURE
Toto The Jetsons' dog
Nagini he guards the entrance to his master Hades' land
Buckbeak Cinderella's faithful hound
Bo Little Orphan Annie's lovable mutt
Mrs Norris Donna's cat who met an unfortunate end on THE '70s SHOW
Cruickshanks Mickey Mouse's dog
Polly Neville Longbottom's toad in HARRY POTTER
Togo Edgar A. Poe's beloved cat
Fat Louie The Bundy family pet (MARRIED WITH CHILDREN)
Catterina Chelsea Clinton's cat during her White House years
Lucky "Darling" Newfoundland pet and nurse in PETER PAN

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