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Lyubov Vovk

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closed Jawless fish have no ____________.
water _______ (type of cartilaginous fish) spend most of their time hunting.
buoyant force What in a fish filters oxygen out of water?
fresh The swim bladder contains gasses such as oxygen, nitrogen and ___________________.
jawless The earliest vertabrates were _____________ fish.
stabilize Today, there are only about 60 _______ of jawless fish.
swim True or false. Bony fish make up 95% o fish species.
true The ______ bladder is filled with gasses.
bony Fish are in the phylum ________.
fins _________ help fish swim.
scales What do fish get their oxygen from?
heart The __________________ is the force that water exerts upward on any underwater object.
species The most familiar kind of fish are _________ fish.
external fertilization Bony fish have skeletons made of hard _________.
cartilaginous Bony fish live in salt and ______ water.
chordates Fish have a(n)__________ circulatory system.
over fishing The swim bladder helps a fish ____________ its body in different depts.
gills Some countries are trying to stop ________________.
vertabrates Sharks have ___________ fertilization.
shark Fish are the biggest group of ____________.
internal The ______ pumps in one continuous loop.
carbondioxide Most fish have ____________________________.
bone The skeleton of a _________________ fish is made of cartilage.

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