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Horse Anatomy

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stifle the major function of the skeletal system
stomach how many pair of ribs are in the skeletal system
hindlegs the knee like joint above the hock in the hind leg of a horse
thoracic cavity major organs of the circulatory and respritory system are found in the
diaphragm food can easily be absorbed through the mucous membrane of the
ten gastrointestinal tract
flank What organ removes wastes and conserves fluids
protectsinternalorgans the cannon shaped breastbone made up of seven fused segments
rectum approximately how many bones are in a horses skeletal system
eighteen percent of the horses weight carried on the front legs
frontleg the organ responsible for pumping blood
hock organ that removes many poisens
twohundredandten the most iomportant complex organ in a horse
Pharynx exit part of the horse for solid wast
Lungs the fleshy side of a horse between the ribs and the hip
cecum part of the leg between the coronary band of the hoof
liver where are the thoraic limbs found
intestinaltract hindquarter
heart Foodstuff is guided from the horse's mouth down the esophagus by the
Stomach` seperates the abdominal and thoracic cavities
Kidneys What digestive system organs works best to break down and use grain
hip the horse secretes about how many gallons of saliva per day
sternum a digestive organ that works with the colon
sixty where are the pelvic limbs found
pastern Most of the thoracic cavityis filled with the

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