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Killer Whale Crossword Puzzle

Jeanne Hyde

A fun puzzle that is marine mammal and ecosystem related.

water 'clicks' are used by the orca to "see" their surroundings
blowhole the residents that spend their time in the Salish Sea
humpbacks a family of orcas is called this
matriarch only these whales sing
survive humans must clean up the waters so the orcas will
recycle lives in white shell, sits on head and eats with feet
Chinook three types of killer whales: transients, residents and ?
seagulls it's really not a fish but a star
echolocation orcas can easily travel 100 of these in a day
pod largest member of the dolphin family
miles when teenage male orcas begin to grow their dorsal fin
sprout the Southern Residents' favorite food
southern when a whale exhales the air exits through this
barnacle keep trash, garbage and toxins out of this
orca to use again
offshores these birds often hover over the orcas to get scraps
starfish the leader of the orca community is called this

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