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Mammal Crossword

Nick Kruse

No description

three young mammals are fed by the mother's ___
placental ___ are sharply pointed teeth
hair the ___produces air
monotremes milk is produced by these glands
vertebrates are the mammals you think of (whales, humans)
alive mammals have fur or ___
four some mammals have ___ types of teeth
marsupial ___ grind food
fat chordates are ___
warm mammals have a layer of ___ beneath their skin
diaphragm ___ are the oddest
blubber fur and hair provide___
milk young live in a pouch
chordate mammals are ___ blooded
mammary ___ are flat-edged teeth
incisors young are born ___
fourth some mammals such as hippoes and whales have
canines there are ___ types of mammals
molars phylum mammals are in
insulation mammals are the ___ chordate to evoulve

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