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Ashley Baugher

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Prosimian powerful muscle that pulls the bottom of the chest cavity downward
rumen the gland that mammals are named after
mammalia mammals eat ___ times as much food as a reptile of the same size
homosapien mom and young exchange materials through the placenta
marsupial thumb that enables humans and primates to grasp three- dimensional objects
primates the ability of mammals to regulate their body heat from within
prehensile lay eggs
placental first mammals showed up in this time period
ten center of thinking
Binocular members of the more familiar primate group
homeostasis a tail that can act as a fifth hand
monotreme have binocular vision
opposable animal who carries young in a pouch
Triassic vision that has the ability to merge visual objects
diaphragm help maintain homeostasis
bipedal two- foot locomotion
mammary cow's four-chambered stomach
hominoids all mammals belong to this group
kidney primates that look little like typical monkeys
cerebal cortex include gibbons, gorillas, orangutans,
anthropoids what a human is classified to be

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