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Marine Studies

Darren Ringelstein

Marine Biology

holly Area that fills with water as the tide drops filled with many organisms
she oak Mangrove zone which is dry except for flooding
primary dune An organism that looks like a chinaman's hat
dispersal Debri and rubbish that washes up on the beach
secondary Mangrove with a milky sap (latex) which is present in the leaves
windward Mangrove with a large cannonball-shaped fruit
dodder This mangrove has distinct buttress and knee roots
cone shell Mangrove with silver grey colour on the back of the leaves
osbornia octodonta The flower on a plant
flotsam Stilt or red mangrove
avicennia marina Side out of the wind
inflorescence Side exposed to the wind
tertiary dune Casuarina tree
spinifex Intricate shell design. Fires a dart into the hand of the person picking it up
dichotomus key Where many organisms co-exist together happily
buffer zone Myrtle mangrove
ceriops species Mangrove with a prickly edge
rhizophora stylosa This dune is the most important dune
transect Small breath holes in grey mangrove roots
blind your eye This area is where the trees and shrubs can easily grow.
pneumatophores Dune behind the primary dune
jellyfish Small, green leafed plant which grows on the foredune
diversity Uses a venom injected into a person if stood on
salt glands Blue rings present when disturbed
octopus Cross section of the raw data
goats foot Orange coloured parasite which attaches to other plants
aegiceras corniculatum Tool used for indentifying different species
lenticels An zone that protects another area
sub littoral Grey coloured grass which send out runners and deep roots to three metres
limpet River mangrove
quadrat Small, vertical roots that alow the plant to breath at low tide
rock pool Method of expelling seeds for reproduction
landward Some mangroves can excrete excess salt through their leaves
cannonball Mangrove Floats in the ocean and has stinging tenticles
stonefish Technique of sampling a population e.g. using a 1 m X 1 m square zone
intertidal zone Rocky shore zone exposed to lots of dry conditions
leeward Many different types
ecosystem Between the low tide and high tide marks

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