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Dyan deNapoli - THE PENGUIN LADY

Every clue in this puzzle has something to do with penguin biology. This is a more challenging puzzle and you'll have to have studied penguins to solve it. Have fun fishing around for the right answer!

countershading process during which a penguin loses and replaces its feathers
seventeen this penguin species lives along the equator
krill main food item for antarctic penguins
regurgitation form of camoflage used by penguins
nictitating young penguins huddle together in these for warmth
spheniscidae all penguins belong to this family
molting how the parent penguins feed their chicks
solid unlike most birds, penguins have _____ bones
galapagos period during which the parents keep the eggs warm
incubation number of penguin species living on earth
southern the clear membrane protecting a penguin's eyes
gestation all penguins live in this hemisphere
blubber period during which the eggs grow inside the female penguin
creches penguins have a layer of this under their skin for warmth

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