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Phylum of the Kindom Animalia

Alex Asay

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Uniramia Phylum of the rotifers
CombJellies The phylum of the velvet worms
Acanthocephala Within the Nemertea phylum
Placozoa Phylum of hybrids, jellyfish, corals, and sea anemones
Orthonectidans Tongue worm pylum
BeardWorms Belong in the phylum Priapula
PeanutWorms Phylum of uniramians
Chelicerata Name of the phylum of molluscs
Echinodermata Creatures within the Ctenophora phylum
Chordata The phylum of the segmented worms
Platyhelminthes Synonym for Phylum Symplasma
Bryozoa Animals in the phylum Gastrotricha
Brachiopods Belong in the phylum Echiura
Crustacea Animals in the phylum Nematomorpha
EchiuroidWorms Creatures in the phylum Nematoda
Mollusca Creatures of the phylum Brachiopoda
ArrowWorms Mud-dragons are in this phylum
Onychophora Animals in the phylum Loricifera
Loriciferans Phylum including arachnids
Rombozoa The phylum that includes humans
NemertineWorms Phylum of small parasites
Rotifera Name of the grouping of three of the phyla
GlassSponges Belong in the phylum Tardigrada
Cycliophora Phylum for the entoprocts or kamptozoans
Arthropoda Name of phylum containing Placozoans
Gnathostomulans Synonym for Phylum Porifera
Roundworms Animials in the phylum Orthonectida
Cnidaria In the phylum Pogonophora
Entoprocta Phylum of crustaceans
Nematomorphs Within the phylum Sipuncula
Pentastoma Phylum of the thorny-headed worms
Priapulans Creatures in the phylum Chaetognatha
Annelida Creatures of the phylum Hemichordata
Hemichordates Name of phylum for flatworm
Kinorhyncha Name of the phylum for bryozoans, ectoprocta, or polyzoa
WaterBears Creatures in the phylum Gnathostomula
CommonSponges Phylum for star fish, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins
Gastrotrichs Phylum name for the cycliophorans

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