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Prehistoric Life II


A little bit harder puzzle

Coelophysis land whale
Gorgonops bigger than an elephant
Leaellynasaura an early horned mammal
Macrauchenia deep sea diver
Ankylosaurus early cat chow
Archelon this bird ate cats
Ophthalmosaurus a flying dragon
Propalaeotherium a greenhouse climate
Ambulocetus he is so heavy he should go on a diet
Haikouichthys an armored tank
Coelodonta the first giant
Indricotherium the last before the dinos
Argentinosaurus a giant turtle
Palaeocene he has antlers
Jurassic a polar dino
Megaloceros the earliest elephant ancestor
Odobenocetops one of the oldest carnivors
Embolotherium is it a bird or a fish?
Phorusrhacos huge land carnivore
Deinotherium our earliest grandparent
Plateosaurus a relative of Dumbo
Hesperornis an early toothed whale
Andrewsarchus Shark bait but not Nemo
Meganeura an early horse
Basilosaurus there were no "parks" at this time
Carboniferous a top pre-dino predator
Placerias a time of mammals

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