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Agricultural Science I

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angora several different breeds of gaot that produce milk
merino mature female goat
pastern between the hoof and the dewclaw or fetlock
dock soft, flexible leather for cleaning and polishing vehicles
rangebandmethod meat from milk-raised kid that weighs between 25-40 lbs
wether mature female sheep
boer knee portion of the back leg
colostrum raising animals completely indoors or small pens
kid feeding a sweeter feed to younger animals to encourage gain
cabrito meat breed with lard square body, face and legs are brownish with a wool cap
dorset soft coat of sheep
suffolk first milk given by the mother that contains antibodies and nutrients
mohair meat from sheep older than 1 year
withers angora goat hair used to make a wooly fabric
wool production that involves 1000-1500 head of sheep
kidding goats that produce mohair and originated in Turkey
lanolin male goat or sheep that has been castrated
ewe mature male sheep used for breeeding
dairygoat smaller sized meduim meat breed of sheep, dark color on its face and lower legs with wool cap
cheviot smallest of all domesticated breeds of goats, friendly and perfect for petting zoos
mutton small meat breed with gray coloring on the face and legs
farmflockmethod grease found in the wool that is used in ointments and cosmetics
creepfeeding meat from a goat weighing over 60 lbs
columbia wool breed that produces high-quality, heavy fleece, orginated in Spain
rambouillet breed of goat developed for meat and milk production in Mexico
lambing young sheep less than 1 year of age
ram sheep giving birth
montadale located on teh top of sheep/goat head remainder of horns
southdown sells rams and ewes of an ideal types, valuable and shown
shropshire meat from sheep under 1 year old
purebredflock wool breed of sheep that was developed in France
spanishgoat removal or cutting off of part of the tail
docking young goat less than 1 year of age
scur small breed of all white sheep, short legs and erect ears, appears jumpy
hock goats giving birth
chevre meat breed of sheep that is a cross of Columbias and Cheviots
corriedale rump or tail setting on the animal
lamb large meat breed with black head and legs with no wool on head or legs
easterkid meat from a goat weighing only 16-40 lbs
oxford sheep production in flocks of 1-1000 head of sheep
Buck male goat at any age
chamois medium sized white-wool breed of sheep, with black nose and feet
yearling meat breed of sheep developed in England with white body and black face and legs
chevon large wool breed of sheep, square body, long legs, all white
hampshire the only technically not recognized breed of goat
pygmy goat milk that is made into cheese
confinement tip of the shoulders on sheep and goats
cashmere popular meat goat that was developed in Africa
doe medium sized meat breed of sheep that is all white
lambmeat male or female at least 1 year of age but under 2 years old

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