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Vet Technology Terminology

Amanda Mullins

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electromagnetic radiation science and art of providing professional support service to veterinarians in their practice
venicpuncture syllable, group of syllables, or word placed at the end of a root word
aseptic technique a syllable, group of syllables, or word placed at the beginning of a root word
suffix system for making decisions about how an injury will be handled in an emergency situation
asepsis an irregular sound caused by disruption of normal blood flow within the heart
pharmacology action taken to assure asepsis
vet technology noninvasive way of imaging soft tissues in the body
lab testing control of an animal
heart murmur routine operations and procedures carried out by veternarians
root word a word or portion of a word that is the basis for the meaning of a word
veterinarian process of using photons of energy traveling at the speed of light to produce an image on film
pulse lower than normal body temperature
target tissue any substance used to promote life processes in maintaining health and treating disease
AVMA higher than normal body temperature
practice observing of samples of body fluids or tissues for abnormalities
diagnostic ultrasound American Veterinary Medical Association
care appropriate maintenance of an animal
prefix a well-known antibiotic
penicilin site where drug action is needed to treat disease
restraint heartbeat of an animal
hyperthermia study of drugs
drug surgical puncture of a vein
triage sterile condition in which no living microscopic organisms are present
stethoscope animal doctor
hypothermia instrument used to hear and amplify the sounds of the heart, lungs, and other internal organs

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