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Wolves Crossword

Zakiya Andrews

No description

Underfur Wolf's worst danger.
Feet The cause of most wolf injuries.
Humans The organs of a wolf's prey are rich in fat and...
Carnivores Meat-Eaters
Caches Another phrase for a wolf's territory. Hint: Two words
LateSpring Wolves crack bones open to get this.
Two The point of the wolf's coat is to provide...
Twenty The claw on the fifth toe.
GrayWolf And the other main species of wolves in North America is the...
Scent Wolves locate prey by their...
Trampling The wolf has________teeth
Dog A wolf's second main competitor.
Forty-Two The first layer in a wolf's coat.
Five By nipping at the cheeks and mouth, the pups get the adults to do this.
Tone A wolf's coat has____layers
Coyote A Russian proverb says,"A wolf is kept fed by its..."
Flooding The nesting area of the den is usually uphill to prevent this.
RedWolf One of the wolf's closest living relatives is the domestic...
Hearing Most packs have_____to twelve members
Depression Female wolves are about______percent smaller than male wolves
HomeRange If prey is scarce, wolves may hunt this in order to survive.
Regurgitate The Red Wolf is believed to be a hybrid between the Gray Wolf and the...
Bear Wolf's have an excellent sense of smell and...
Marrow The second layer in a wolf's coat.
Dewclaw Each time they molt, the wolves' fur changes slightly in shade and...
Livestock Wolves rely on_______mammals for their main source of food.
Nutrients The life span of a wolf in captivity is eleven to______years
Insulation Wolves bury chunks of meat in______for later.
Hoofed When are wolf pups born?
Twelve There are two main species of wolves in North America, the...
GuardHairs This is left behind when a wolf lies down to sleep.

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