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A Zoo Veterinarian's Patients

Amanda Martin

No description

Jaguar Mistakenly titled the King of the Jungle, this large cat rules the savannas and grassy plains
BaldEagle This hoofed mammal can grow up to 17 feet tall and has 8 inch ears
Stingray This water bird carries Nemo's father to the dentist's office
Koala The largest living marsupial found mostly in Australia and hops on its large hind feet
Lion This reptile has existed for more than 150 million years and is closely related to the crocodile
Cheetah A bird that can run up to 17 mph and is depicted
Kangaroo The name translates to "jungle man" and it is a primate with long, shaggy red-brown hair
Copperhead The most obvious characteristic of this black bird is its large rainbow colored beak
Gorilla As every human has a unique finger print, this hoofed mammal has its own stripe pattern
Alligator An extremely fat, brownish-gray mammal that spends its day lying in the water
Giraffe A large, gray land mammal that can drink 200 liters of water in 4 minutes if thirsty
Pelican A spotted feline found in lowlands, jungles, and forests, as well as expensive car sales lots
Toucan This black and white bird made it to the big screen in Happy Feet
GreatHornedOwl A poisonous North American snake with a rust colored body
Roadrunner A reptile that uses its shell as a safety get-a-away from predators
Elephant The heaviest and most powerful American owl with the appearance of large eyebrows
Meerkat A gray marsupial who lives primarily in trees and has a teddy bear-like appearance
Orangutan Another large mammal from the plains, this one has two horns (the front one larger) on the snout
Bison This fish is distinguished by its disk shaped body and long pointed tail
Hippopotamus A bird exclusive to North America with an average wingspan of 6.5 to 8 feet and is a symbol of freedom for our nation
Flamingo A smaller mammal whose back is covered with thick, sharp, barbed quills
Zebra An endangered mammal more commonly called a buffalo
Rhinoceros A small social mammal made famous as Timon in Lion King
Porcupine An endangered feline famous for its top speed of 80 mph
Penguin This is the largest and most powerful of all living primates
KomodoDragon The largest living lizard, it can grow up to 3 meters long, and has a deadly bite
Turtle Chemicals in the crustaceans it eats are what give this bird its pink color

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