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Fundamentals of Art

Megan Barnes

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plastic the colors balck, white, and gray
monochromatic name of a color
art brithness or dullness of a hue
proportion color scheme that only uses one hue and all its tints and shades
complementary deviations from normal, expected proportions
dye acrylic paint's binder
cool when light passes through a prism, the beam of white light is bent and separated into bands of color
pigment finely ground, colored powders that form paint when mixed with a binder
analogous color mixed with black
calligraphy pigment that dissolves in liquid
intensity blending stick
torllion equalizing visual forces
afterimage the liquid that controls the thickness or thinness of the paint
armature the colors green, orange, and violet
binder material that holds together the grains of pigment
green the colors red, yellow, and orange
solvent beautiful writing
color the color spectrum bent into a circle
turpentine the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance
tint colors opposite on the color wheel
color spectrum the colors blue, green, and violet
graphite support system for any type of 3D piece of art
warm the lightness and darkness of a work of art
3D oil-based paint's solvent
balance red mixed with blue
value lead that varies from light (H) to dark (4B)
shade proper relation between things or parts
color wheel yellow mixed with red
neutral weak image of complementary color created by a viewer's brain as a reaction to a prolonged looking at a color
distortion colors that sit side by side on the color wheel and have a similar hue
violet reflected light
hue a color mixed with white
orange 3-dimensional
primary the colors red, yellow, and blue
secondary blue mixed with yellow

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