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Happy Clay Time

Mr. Jacob

Ceramics terms quiz.

rim To carve designs into clay.
impress Tool invented for measuring head diameter. We use it to measure internal and external diameter for making lids.
lip To heat clay in a kiln to a specific temperature for a specific time.
clay body Clay manipulation, similar to kneading dough, which makes it uniform and removes air bubbles.
bisque The quality of clay which allows it to be manipulated easily without cracking and falling apart..
kiln First firing, without glaze.
slab Long dull knife used for cutting clay.
foot The oven-like device used in firing clay.
wheel Pottery which hase been fired once, without glaze.
glaze firing The part of a mug, pitcher, etc. which you hold.
plasticity Any flat board used for storing and transporting greenware.
glaze Any stage of clay before it is fired.
handle Stage of clay drying in which it is still the color of wet clay but is no longer plastic.
coil Encompasses multiple ways to make pottery using only your hands.
incise Clay manipulation using your fingertips and palm. The simplest and oldest building technique.
greenware The mixture of multiple elements from the earth which become workable.
wedging The part of a pot which defines the opening. The part of cup that comes into contact with your mouth.
handbuilding To mark the clay with pressure. To press something into the clay to a design element.
slip and score Very wet clay mixture which act like a glue.
slip Making shallow scratches in the clay.
bone dry A non-handbuilding technique for pottery making which uses a powered spinning disk.
fire The base of a ceramic form.
leather hard The technique used to make sure pieces of clay stick together.
pinch A sharp pointy instrument which is often used for scoring clay.
score Completely air-dried clay; white in appearance and no longer workable.
bisque fire Flat clay.
pin tool A compound of clay formers, glass formers, and usually pigments which is applied to bisqueware to finish the ceramic piece, and often make it food safe.
calipers A technique which utilizes clay rolled into ropelike pieces.
ware board The part of a lid which holds it in place, either inside or outiside.
fettling knife Final firing.

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