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History of Modern Art II

Erika Romero

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expressionism Were just two subjects that permeated much of Warhol's work
orozco Is known for images of trees in his early work but later explored purely abstract girds of primary colors, white, and black
anti-hitler work The Futurist alignment with technology eventually makes other associate them with
bases Rivera and Kahlo's interest was reflected in their collection of artifacts and archeological finds
pain marriage and sterile Kandinsky is also categorized as what type of artist
johns works like Bottlerack and Fountain are examples of
Rauschenberg and johns Explored ideas fo the signifier and signified in works such as Flag
archetypes The title of the work that seems to embody the logical conclusion of the continuing breakdown in hierarchy
Rodchenko John Heartfield explored the political ideas concerning Germany in his
masterpieces Rauschenberg often worked in what media, which can be seen in works like Bed
anti-war-political Is known as the originator of Suprematism, beginning with figurative works but simplyfying to geopetric forms
Mondrian The most innovative modern sculptor of the early 20th century was
Rodin Two artists whom reintroduced a sense of control that contradicted the gestural aspectsof abstract expressioninm
rivera Brancusi initially was influenced by which artist
pure feeling Rivera and Siqueiros both supported this type of innovations, for spreading the wealth distribution and experimenting with new artistic techniques
Kandinsky Some of Kirchner's street works combine the idea of well-dressed wealthy people with a mask-like
music Two of the other subjects that Brancusi reworked many times
sleeping muse Both artists are considered part of the Pop movement
malevich Rivera and other Mexican artist believed that this type of art form was the most effective for reaching the masses and spreading their political ideals
warhol Were interested in ideas of motion and speed and used cubist techniques to explore theses new technological innovations
kahlo L.H.O.O.Q. is and example of
Boccioni Brancusi takes an interest not just in the artwork but also in the way it is presented by creating and building his own
readymade Worked as both a Futurist painter and sculptor
technological three themes/motifs that continue through the body of Kahlo's work
Lichtenstein Warhol created multiple images of work by using which process
abstract Kirchner was part of which German movement, that expressed emotions through the aggressive and intense use of color
mixed Paints images from mass media, comic strips, advertisements, etc. that seemed ironic for commentary on consumerist society
experimental art This artist spent many years in Europe studying old masters as well as new styles before returning to Mexico
Lichtenstein and Warhol Is known as a constructivist photographer and was innovative for his use of new angles and perspectives
Tatlin One of the subjects that Brancusi reworked many times
ready-made The founder of Constructivism who designed the Model for the Monument to the 3rd International
Pollock Worked off the premise that if fine art could be commercial (galleries and museums paying millions for works of art), then commercial could be fine art
pre-colombian art Siqueiros was consistently dedicated to the ideals of the revolution while this artist later changed his mind after seeing the horrors, deceit, and bloodshed of the supposed revolutionaries
african and oceanic art He is known as the pre-eminent abstract expressionist
appropriate Pollock's work is also known as
murals Lichtenstein later he starts making paintings in a graphic of previous
action-painting or all-over-painting what influenced Kandinsky that is evidenced in his writings and in the titles to his works, such as improvisations and compositions
marylin monroe and campbell's soup Although her work is highly personal, the Kahlo's inclusion of pre-columbian and contemporary symbols also makes her work what for a larger audience
Brancusi The artist credited with the first purely abstract work is
all-over and monochromatic Early in Pollock's career, he is interested in the ideas of Jung's
monogram One of the few women artists, who painted mostly self-portraits throughout her lifetime
italian futurist Dada was not non-political but rather
silk screem Two characterized that are known of Pollock's drip paintings
birds and columns Rauschenberg often explored ideas of sexuality leaving interpretation up to the viewer with works like this, which serves as an example of combined work
black square Suprematist works were not just geometrical abstractions but explorations of

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