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History of Modern Art III

Erika Romero

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courbet The most important Impressionist painter and the title of one of his paintings provided the source for the name "Impressionism"
rodin Term given to movement after Impressionism, who wanted to give expression to ideas and emotions, and are characterized by flatter compositions primitivism, and more visible brushwork
matisse Name for the established art organization of the nineteenth century
delacroix Was concerned with the plight of urban poor and his satirical political cartoons
Romanticism Used thick impasto to introduce a new type of three dimensionality to the painting surface
Gericault Considered an important bridge artist between the 19th and 20th centuries and his new style that focuses on composition rather than detail provides the basis for Cubism
seurat Movement in which subject matter and social issues are based in reality but not necessarily the visual painting style
manet Founder of the Fauvist movement and pursued the expressive nature of color
david Was very influenced by photography and often focused on motion, specifically danders, in his paintings and sculptures
bouguereau Painted barbaric events in war and the grotesque side of human nature
barbizon Early school that included artists working outdoors in nature and that also accepted landscapes and nature as suitable subject matter
Daumier The most accomplished and important ;ate 19th century Academy painter
degas Painted portraits of "low class" members of society as well as Romantic images contemporary events
rousseau Depicted both the heroic and horrific aspects fo war in Liberty Leading her People
Cezanne Was influential (especially his studies) on later artists and supported other artists by letting them study his works that went out into nature and produced
ingres Movement that embraced the ideal of classical concepts
Renoir A Post-Impressionist who focused on the expressive qualities of colors and started to use color as a subject in his paintings as opposed to just a formal element
monet Painted in both a Neo-Classical and a Romantic style
realism Painted in a Neo-Classical style and supported the French revolution
Post-Impressionism A sculptor who was influenced by the emotionally expressive nature of Michelangelo's work
Academy The first and most important artist of the REalist movement
van gogh An impressionist painter that often focused on people or groups of people
Neo-Classical Developed the Pointillism or Neo-Impressionism style
pissarro Movement which wanted to investigate the effects of light and shadow and how light affects colors
Impressionism A woman artist closely associated with the Impressionists
gauguin Movement that focused on the barbaric nature of man and featured turbulent stormy skies
cassatt Known as the Father of Impressionism
goya created great controversy with paintings such as Olympia and Le Deujenur sur I'herbe, yet wanted to be accepted by the Academy
corot Believed he was a technically masterful painter and was an inspiration for later surrealists

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