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Perpsective and Color

Ms. Nemeth

Perspective and color theory

orthogonals the diagonal lines leading back to the vanishing point
fantasy the element of art that describes the lightness or darkness of a color
complementary colors colors created by mixing two complementary colors
Brunelleschi a stron surdy line like a tree truck or building
secondary a line describing something that is falling over
shade the type of perspective where there is one vanishing point
diagonal the room you sleep in
vertical the tool you use to mix, combine and locate color combinations
value the view looking up at something from the ground
horizontal the first artist to explore with perpsective
cool colors colors across from each other on the color wheel
primary colors from the imagination
tint lines that don't intersect/ cross
parallel color next to each other on the color wheel
worms eye view the line describing the position you are in when you are sleeping/ a calm line
space the view looking down at something from the sky
bedroom created by mixing a primary and secondary together like red-orange
neutral colors a color created by mixing white with any color
tertiary blue, yellow, red, pure colors
color wheel blues, greens, purples, moody/ sad colors
horizon line reds, oranges, yellows, happy colors
vanishing point the line where the ocean meets the sky
warm colors the point where all orthogonals converge
birds eye view orange, purple, green, created by mixing two primary colors
one point a color created by mixing black with any color
analogous the element of art that implies you can walk into the "space" of a drawing/painting

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