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Roman Art

TMS Funk

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Bust A form of art consisting of tiny tesserae embedded in a layer of adhesive
Pantheon Tiny colored pieces of tile, glass, paper, etc. used on a mosaic
Oculus A roman city where many original artworks were discovered
Dome A sculpture of the head and upper torso
Rotunda A famous roman church that consists of a domed rotunda
Collosseum The term used to describe the mix of greek and roman art
Mosaic The column style that incorporates scrolls in the design
Tesserae The romans excelled in this specific type of art
Raphael The first elliptical building in the world
Arch A building substance used to create architectural structures
Inonic The most elaborately detailed style of column
Doric A famous Renaissance artist who is buried in the Pantheon
Corinthian The roman architectural support system that spans an opening
Concrete The oldest and simplist style (order) of column
Architecture A round building
Grecoroman An eye-like opening at the top of a dome
Fresco The term used for a large round roof
Pompeii A painting created with watercolor on wet plaster

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