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Susan Lackey

Words that are about sculpture processes, types and media.

WOOD something used to hold two other pieces together like tape or glue
PAPIER MACHE a sculpture that can be seen from all sides
FREESTANDING female artist who used found objects and put them together; she used color to unify them
MOBILE the feel of the sculpture surface
CASTING paper and glue in layers to create a 3D object
CONSTRUCTION American artist who invented the mobile
GLASS Renaissance sculptor who believed there was a figure in every stone
TEXTURE sculpture that moves
NEVELSON Pouring liquid into a mold to make an exact likeness of the mold
STABILE gold, silver, bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel
MOORE a sculpture that is meant to be seen from one side only
MICHELANGELO sculpture that doesn't move
ADDITIVE carve; to take away from the media to make sculpture
METAL marble, granite, quartz, rock
SUBTRACTIVE to put together media that will stay by itself like clay
BINDER the 3D element that sculpture uses
RELIEF this media comes from trees
FORM British sculptor who did simplified sculptures; favorite subject was reclining females
CALDER silica melts to form this
STONE assembling/putting together media with a binder

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