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Van Gogh

Mrs. Bimson


PaulGauguin The group of French painters that influenced Van Gogh's art.
two What did Vincent call his apartment?
preacher He was born in a small _______ village.
thirty-seven After school, Vincent entered the family ______________.
dutch Van Gogh died at the age of ________.
Ten Vincent's younger brother that helped support him.
asylum The center of the art world.
DrGachet Vincent was diagnosed as suffering from __________.
Paris In his twenties Vincent tried to become a _________ like his father.
Impressionists After shooting himself VanGogh passed away ______ days later.
YellowHouse After moving to Arles in 1888, Van Gogh's career only lasted ______ more years.
Theo After he realized he could not live on his own he voluntarily entered the __________.
epilepticfits He shot himself in the ___________.
artdealership The artist friend that lived with Vincent for a short time.
fifteenmonths The unstable doctor that Vincent painted a portrait of.
chest He did his best work in the last ___________ of his life.

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