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Susan Lackey

Words that have to do with the visual art elements and principles.

VALUE the lightness or darkness of a color
ANALOGOUS always have a name, always the same
TEXTURE What the eye sees when white light bounces off an object
QUALITY having height, width and depth
WARM this describe the type of line or the direction the line is moving
COLOR the surface feel or appearnace of an object
SPECTRUM calming colors like blue, green, and violet
FORM name of a color
SPACE shapes found in nature
CHARACTER a line closing on itself
SECONDARY colors directly across the color wheel from one another
COMPLEMENTARY uplifting colors like red, yellow, orange
INTENSITY range of all color
LINE this deals with the surface appearance of the line
NEUTRAL No color
GEOMETRIC three colors side by side on the color wheel
COOL the path of a dot moving through space
SHAPE first colors red, yellow and blue
PRIMARY brightness or darkness of a color
ORGANIC area in and around an object
HUE mixed from two primary colors

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