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Mr. F

Watercolour is known as one of the most versatile painting mediums. It can give you wild, loose, free style paintings - or detailed, realistic paintings, depending on how you use it.

Gouache Low intensity of a specific colour, making that colour look dull.
Dry Brush A painting in which the subject matter is natural scenery.
Backwash A painting in which the subject is of a person's face.
Pigment Using an absorbent material such as paper towels, or a sponge, to lighten large areas or pick out fine details.
Paint Tube Painting technique using white and opaque colors.
Stretching Paint that shows the surface of the paper or paint underneath it.
Unsaturated A wash that smoothly changes in value from dark to light.
Cold Pressed 1) The surface used for mixing and storing paint. 2) The selection of colors an artist chooses to work with.
Brushwork Any area of a painting where a wash of single colour and value is painted in a series of multiple, overlapping strokes following the flow of the paint making the area one solid colour.
Wet on Wet High intensity of a specific colour.
Graduated Wash Lighter lb. papers need to be "stretched" to keep them from buckling. You can do this by wetting your paper, then tacking it to a board until it is dry.
Transparent Putting paint on your brush, then wiping most of it off until it is almost dry, then painting on a dry surface.
Blotting A material that changes the color of light it reflects.
Flat Wash Packaged watercolour paint.
Watercolour When your fresh brush stroke hits a damp area it bleed together, like fractals. This can totally screw up what you are intending to do, unless you do it on purpose..
Paintbrush Watercolour paint in solid form.
Paint Cake This paper is quite rough after being pressed. Artists can achieve a more uneven, grainy look to their paintings.
Portrait A dense paint that obscures or totally hides the underpainting in any given artwork.
Landscape The technique of painting wet color into a wet surface
Palette The paper is pressed with heat to make it very smooth. Best for when more detail is needed.
Wet on Dry The technique of painting wet colour onto dry paper and/or dry paint.
Hot Pressed A method of painting using pigments suspended in water.
Saturated A brush used to apply paint.
Opaque The techniques used to apply paint to paper.

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