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2001; A Space Odyssey

Griff Tatarsky

No description

Dimitri After AL in HAL.
Dave H in HAL.
Computer An encampment on the moon.
Discovery After H and Before AL in HAL.
Poole Floyd's freind on the moon.
ArthurC.Clarke The ship going to Saturn.
Tools Crater on the moon and T in TMA-1.
David Aliens influenced man to make these.
Three Moon of Saturn with the stargate.
Betty Early man influenced by aliens.
Heuristically The Author.
Dr.Chandra An extra-dimmensional object on Saturn's moon.
MoonWatcher Man who goes to the moon to investigate the TMA-1.
Tycho Main character's first name.
ClaviusBase The computer that runs the ship Discovery.
Stargate Earth's transmission's name.
AE-35 HAL's first teacher.
Anomaly HAL kills this man. (last name)
ALgorithmic Last chapter's name.
ProjectBARSOOM Extravechicular capsule that killed Frank Poole.
Pod The unit that HAL had a malfunction over.
StarChild How many years it took to complete the TMA mission.
TMA-2 area of bad communication with Earth in space.
DiffractionZone TMA-1's 'Big Brother'.
Japetus "I'm sorry ____, I can't do that."
Dr.Floyd A in TMA-1.
Magnetic M in TMA-1.
HAL Nickname of a Extravechicular capsule.
Programmed Social experiment on the moon.

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