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4-15 MYO crossword

Morgan Geyer P.1

No description

core region of very tightly packed gas where energy is transferred mainly in the form of electromagnetic radiation
coma chunk or rock or dust in space
chromosphere Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune (maybe pluto)
meteorite 2 aomic nuclei combine, forming a larger more massive nucleas with more energy
asteriods thin disk of small particles of ice and rock
terrestrial planets region of the solar system where asteriods come from
nuclear fusion streak of light produced by a burning meteorite in Earth's atmosphere
corona streams of electrically charged particles
meteoriod inner layer of the sun's atmosphere
sunspots rocky objects revolving around the sun that are to small to be considered planets
solar wind "dirty snowball"
solar flares reddish loops of gas that often link sunspots together
grees house effect middle layer of the sun's atmosphere
convection zone meteoride that passes through Earth's atmosphere and hit Earth's surface
ring erruptions of gas on the suns surface
Oort Cloud doughnut-shaped region where some comets come from
asteriod belt areas of gas on the sun's surface that are cooler than the gas around them
photosphere fuzzy outer layer of a comet
comet sun's central region
nucleus spherical region of comets
radiation zone trapping of heat in the atmosphere
Kuiper belt solid inner core of a comet
prominences outermost layer of the suns interior
meteor Mercury, Venus, Eartg, Mars
gas giants outermost layer of the sun's atmosphere

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