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Asteroids, and Meteors, and Comets, Oh My!

Lee Sherwood

No description

Star Sometimes these crash to Earth.
comets People can live on these for months at a time.
Eclipse First invented and used in ancient Greece and China
Solar System This probe went to Venus.
Uranus Spacecraft used to transport astronauts into space
Mars Polar Lander These allow you to see things that are far away.
Shuttles The second planet from the sun
Space Station The moon is a _____.
Pluto express The seventh planet from the sun.
Jupiter The fourth planet from the sun.
Black Hole These space objects come from the oort cloud
Meteor Fifth planet from the Sun
Moon This goes on forever.
Venus The third planet from the sun
Telescope This probe is supposed to go to Pluto.
Mars Twinkle, twinkle little ____.
Universe Ninth planet from the sun.
Sun A meteor's name after it hits Earth/
Saturn Once you are in one of these your body stretches.
Meteorite People who train to go into outer space.
Rocket This space object is actually white, not yellow
Asteroid The sixth planet from the sun.
Pluto It goes through phases.
Neptune The eight planet from the Sun.
Magellan Probe In here, there are the planets, the sun, and much more.
Astronaut Objects n orbit between Mars and Jupiter
Satelllite This probe went to Mars.
Earth You should not look directly at these

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