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Lauren Mann

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TERRESTRIAL Planet that is famous for its spectacular rings
DAY The force of attraction between objects that is due to their masses
MASS Smallest planet in the solar system
OORT A natural or artificial body that revolves around larger bodies like planets
GRAVITY "Sun ______" are cooler, dark spots on the sun
CALENDAR Types of planets that are small, dense, and rocky
EARTH Spectacular light shows caused by streams of particles that interact with Earth's upper atmosphere
WEIGHT The study of all physical objects beyond Earth
JANUARY Daily movements of ocean water that change the level of the ocean's surface
ECLIPSE Planet with 63 total moons and a Great Red Spot that is a storm more than 400 years old
ASTRONOMY The time require for Earth to rotate once on its axis
SATURN Pertaining to the sky or visible heavens
MERCURY A measure of gravitational force exerted on an object
AURORAS Occurs when the shadow of one celestial body falls on another
JUPITER Type of immense spherical cloud containing comets that surrounds our Solar System
FLARES The closest star to Earth
CELESTIAL A celestial body that is in orbit around the sun
MONTH The time required for the Earth to orbit the sun once
SATELLITE "Asteroid ______" - located between Mars and Jupiter
GALILEO The amount of matter in an object, and its value does not change
TIDES The month that the Earth is actually closest to the sun
PLANET A system for organizing time
SUN Only known location in the solar system that supports life
MARS Giant storms on the surface of the sun are called "Solar __________"
AXIS Roughly the amount of time required for the moon to orbit the Earth once
SPOTS Called the "Red Planet"
BELT Bright streak of light when a meteoroid enters Earth's atmosphere
METEOR Solid center of a comet
YEAR The Earth is tilted on its _________ at 23.5 degrees
NUCLEUS The first person to use a telescope to observe celestial bodies

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