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Alexandra Comerford

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Quasar galxies which are extremely powerful emmiters of radiation.
Airglow A lighter part of a shadow forund on the shadows edge.
Parsec A super bright exlposion if a star.
Nebula The line between day and night on a celstial object
Direct Motion Objects moving around the sun in the same direction of the earth.
Limb The point directly above yourhead in the night sky.
Binary Star Cloud of ionized hydrogen.
Sun Spots A region of the earths atmosphere.
Zenith The dark inner part of a sunspot or shadow.
Teminator A very distant immensley bright object.
Red Shift The point on the celsetial sphere directly below the observer
Umbra An object from outer space such as a rock that falls into the earth.
Supernova The point in an objects orbit around the earth, when it is farthest away from the earth.
Penumbra The apparent motion of the sky from east to west caused by the earth moving east to west.
Earthshine A group of stars gas and dust held together by gravity.
Apogee The period between new moons.
Flares A brilliant meteor whivh may exlpode during the descent of the earths atmosphere.
Galaxy The edge of any object in outer space.
Exospere The hazy looking patch surrounding the nucleus of a comet.
Corona A cloud of gas and dust.
HI Region The natural glow of the night sky due to reactions that take place in the earths upper atmosphere.
Diurnal Motion .The outermost part of the suns surface.
Ionosphere A star which is actually made up of two stars orbiting each other.
Coma Dark patches on the suns surface.
Meteor The outermost part of the earth's atmosphere.
Gamma Ray 3.26 lightyears.
Radio Galaxies Mercury and venus which lie closer to the sun than the earth.
Bolide The faint glow of the moon when the side facing the earth is dark.
Inferior Planets Extremely short wavelength, and energetic electromagnetic radiation.
Minor Planet beautiful eruptions in the outermost part of the sun's atmoshere.
Ozone Cloud of nuetral hydrogen.
HII Region An area in the earths upper atmosphere which absorbs many of the lethal radiations coming from outer space.
Lunation Asteroid.
Nadir When an object is traveling away from the earth the light makes it looked stratched out making it look redder.

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