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Astronomy Review

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solareclipse phases of the moon are caused by this
whitedwarf developed the heliocentric model of the solar system
heliocentric a dying star that is slowly cooling off
moon the sudden brightening of a white dwarf
geocentric tool used for observing the sky
nebula the study of the universe
satellite an expanding shell of gas; stellar nursery
galaxy occurs when the moon passes into the shadow of the earth
winter Hubble announced that the universe was doing this
universe a rare event involving the explosion of a star
steadystateuniverse our seasons are caused by this movement of the earth
elliptical stars are composed of ____ and helium gases
milkyway this diagram is used to classify stars
hydrogen theory that the universe began with all matter and energy concentrated in a very small object
sunlight a vehicle that is intended to carry humans into space
spacecraft consists of all matter, energy and space
lunareclipse the sun gets its energy through this process
oscillatinguniversetheory an object launched into orbit; could be used with GPS
kepler large groups of stars clustered together
newton developed the 3 models of planetary motion
nova a cool giant star
copernicus type of galaxy we live in
blackdwarf theory that states the universe is undergoing cycles of expansion and contraction
nuclearfusion distance light travels in one year
different occurs when the moons shadow falls on the earth
astronomy type of galaxy with little dust and gas
lightyear explained how gravity keeps the planets in order
supernova different hemispheres have _____ seasons
rotation developed the geocentric model of the solar system
spaceprobe the final stage of a white dwarf
bigbangtheory night and day are caused by this movement of the earth
spiral model of the solar system that we accept today (sun centered)
telescope spacecraft that carries instuments to explore space
revolution when it is summer in the southern hemisphere, it is ____ in the northern hemisphere
redgiant theory that states there never was a beginning and there will not be an end to the universe
aristotle a complete cycle of the ____ takes about 29.5 days
hertzsprung-russell name of the galaxy we live in
expanding the model of the solar system that said it is earth centered

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