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Exosolar Planets

Lara Howerton

No description

astrometry It is difficult and chancy to discover planets using ___________.
vandecamp Too big for a planet; too small for a star
corot Most exoplanets are similar in structure to ________
pulsar Thought he discovered planets orbiting Barnard's Star
slower A planet around another star
exosolarplanet A French mission to discover exosolar planets.
rogueplanet A NASA mission that will be launched around 2015
jupiter Killed the Chimera
dopplershift How many confirmed exosolar planets have been imaged?
browndwarf Believed that "Every star is a distant sun."
gravitationalmicrolensing Dead star that gives off radio waves at regular intervals
zero The method by which the most exosolar planets have been found.
transit Exoplanets generally have orbits of ______ diameter.
low Most useful in conjunction with the Doppler shift method.
huygens How many Earth-like exosolar planets have been discovered?
one If a star has a _______________ with a cleared out ring, we can infer that it has a forming planet.
protoplanetarydisc The name of the imaged exosolar planet
bellerophon The method van de Camp used to (incorrectly) discover an exosolar planet.
2m1207b If the pulses of a pulsar come a little _______ the pulsar is moving away from us.
simplanetquest A planet that isn't orbiting a star

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