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Mercury and Venus

Hannah Creech

No description

temperature Mercury's____ ranges from 100k to 700k.
sunlight Venus is___ in color.
planet Mercury has the highest temperature range of any___.
UFO Venus' rotation is 243___.
Earth Mercury's ____ is shorter than the Earth's 365 days.
Mercury Called "Hermes" or "Apollo"
craters Mercury's surface is covered in___.
magnetic Mercury's ___ field is .5% of Earth's.
sun Venus___ eighty percent of sunlight.
year Venus' poles are nearly as warm as its___.
Venus Two years on Mercury equals one___.
yellow Venus is so bright that it is sometimes mistaken for a___.
day Venus' day is equal to half a___.
days Venus gets twice as much___ as Earth.
east Mercury is the planet closest to the____.
reflects Mercury has almost no___.
greenhouse Venus rotates___ to west.
atmosphere Venus is known for its super___ effect.
revolution Called "Phosphorous" and "Hesperus"
equator Mercury is usually too close to the sun to veiw from___.

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