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Mrs. Hassett

<font face="Times New Roman">Use this crossword to help with the terms in the Prologue section of your text. A "space" is assigned between words.

north celestial pole pair of quantities, right ascension and declination (2wds)
summer solstice a human grouping of stars in the night sky into a recognizable pattern
right ascenstion date on which the Sun crosses the celestial equator moving northward, near March 21(2wds)
galaxy point on the celestial sphere directly above Earth's North Pole (3wds)
seasons the period of time between the instant when the Sun is directly overhead to the next time it is directly overhead (2wds)
astronomical unit imaginary sphere surrounding Earth (2wds)
solar day changes in average temperature and length of day that result from the tilt of the Earth's axis
celestial sphere celestial coordinate used to measure longitude on the celestial sphere (2 wds)
declination celestial coordinate used to measure latitude above and below the celestial equator on the celestial sphere
ecliptic one of eight bodies that orbit the Sun, visible to us by reflected sunlight
zodiac point on the ecliptic where the Sun is at its northernmost point above the celestial sphere (2wds)
celestial coordinates date on which the Sun crosses the celestial sphere moving southward, near Sept . 22 (2wds)
autumnal equinox the average distance of Earth from the Sun (2wds)
tropical year gravitationally bound collection of a large number of stars
planet the time interval between one vernal equinox and the next.(2wds)
celestial equator the time needed between successive risings of a given star (2wds)
south celestial pole the projection of Earth's equator onto the celestial sphere (2wds)
triangulation point on the celestial sphere directly below Earth's South Pole (3wds)
vernal equinox the twelve constellations on the celestial sphere through which the Sun appears
parallax the apparent motion of a relatively close object with respect to a more distant background
constellation method of determining distance based on the principle of geometry
sideral year the apparent path of the Sun

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