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Kastina Petersen

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Old Has more carbon than oxygen
Globular Clusters Used to measure the distance of other galaxies
Sun Supernova is a(n) _________ of a star that causes a blinding light
40000 Condensed matter that heats up and starts glowing
Explosion LBV stage lasts _____ years. (write with numbers)
Hertzsprung-RussellDiagram Diagram that shows class, temperature, and luminosity of a star
Quasar Wolf-Rayet stars have surface temperature of ____ degrees. (write with numbers)
5000 Bright central part of a star
DeltaCephei Main Sequence is when a star mature from a _____.
Stars Black Dwarf stars are ___ versions of White Dwarf stars
25000 Can only be measured by supreme instruments
PlanetaryNebulae Core contracts when greater than 3 Solar masses
NeutronStar Short life span; found along the Milky Way band
AiryDisc Number of stars able to be seen by naked eye (write with numbers)
BlackHole Matter that circles a Black Hole
Pulsar Old group of tightly clustered stars; sometimes 200 light years in length
Protostar _____ stars can change their brightness
StellarNebula Rotating neutron star; sends off radio waves
BrownDwarf Energy produced by a star is cause by ______ .
NuclearFusion Huge, hot, blue star that burns helium
WhiteDwarf Where a star forms
AccretionDisc Color of a star is determined by its _____.
Temperature Star up to 1.4 Solar masses
Protostars Looks like a star, but cannot be
BlueGiant Made of hot glowing gas
CarbonStar 3000 _____ ______ are known
Open Clusters Collapsed core of a star produced by a supernova
Third Has mass 332, 830 times Earth's
Variable "M" is the ___ stage of a star

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